Stephen Bannon

“Once I studied harmony, I found music to be the love of my life… deep and rewarding."

Cover for my new single "Same Blues Different Day ."

Can't wait to play my first show of the year at the Folk festival.

A note to myself when I was recording solos for my new Song "Same Blues , Different Day."


I'm updating my website.

Check out my new video page


December 3, 2019

Check out my new video for the song off my new album



The new album is now available on iTunes and Spotify. Click Here



August 1 2019


April 3, 2019

I am pleased to announce that I'm playing with Craig Donavan (See below) for a night of song at Kulaks! This is not my regular twofer, it's an 2 hour long special live on the world wide web! I will be debuting new music!!! If you want to go let me know and I will reserve a seat for you. Craig and I are giving away CDs to all in attendance. 

I'm recording and mixing the new songs now. This is the start of something good! 



March 23, 2019

New shows coming up soon! Stay tuned!!!


November 3, 2018

Visit me at the artist edge table in the book room at the Taxi Road Rally.

The past two month I have been arranging music I love. Here's my latest video Orphan Boy Blues by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. I hope you like and subscribe


My new video "Tell Me" Click and subscribe to my you tube channel at the Karmic Wheel of Sound. Watch for FREE!


I'm playing  at Carl's Cozy Corner June 24th at Sandra Macat's birthday bash. If you want to go let me know. This is a private show but I can get you in! Always loaded with allot of talented songwriters and a song circle at the end of the night.

February 11, 2018


I’ve been so busy since NAMM 2018!  Met some old friends and a bunch of new friends. Since the start of the year I’ve been playing piano at Kulak’s and will again this coming Tuesday. Also it’s my slide  guitar debut there. Tune in on the web at or come on down! 

A song I wrote with Frank and Jason is up for an Award.  

 “You can run”? It’s up for an music video award in the 7th Annual IPhone  Film Festival. 

Frank Rogala and I started the song for a TV show and it was forwarded (our first co-write,) sat in limbo land until Frank had an idea for a video. Hope it wins!!!

December 21st, 2017

I've been very busy since Taxi. Played two shows with percussionist Mike Dwyer at Kulaks.

I like playing something new on camera. "The Blues Moves Me"  (click here )  was a improvisation I wrote anti was first time I played it out! Mike only heard it for the first time on Laurel Canyon in from of Kukaks!!! He said "do it!" I wrote the song and recorded it ten years ago. Improvisation is the key; Music like good comedy is spontaneous! It's scary not knowing what words to sing but, always from the heart. 



November 2, 2017


Getting ready to go to an another Taxi Convention. The video and the song I wrote with #smashmob is approaching 20,000 plays and already a 101 likes on Facebook  Click on this link "You Can Run" to see it and please like and share.

Here are some stills from the video


Myself and Don Dutcher


Lab Tech Boom Doggottie




Jacqueline Van Berk




The "Man in Black" will not hurt her. Can you see that in my eyes?



Frank Rogala (The Man in Black) being re-activated by an errant chicken


 Boy saves Girl 



Oct 2

My heart goes out to all the concert goers who died in Las Vegas. Please stop for a moment and say a pray for Tom and all the concert goers in Las Vegas fighting for their lives. 


I had a great time at Crown Books the past Three weeks

This week it was Mike Dwyer, Richard Marchetta, Kyle Leone and Jeanne Willets


Tom Alfera, Marina Gutman and Paul McCarty of Non-Duo

Thanks to Toni Koch and Carl!!!  

Check out the video: 

We all sat in with Pat Nason  then Doug ConlonRichard Marchetta, Pat and I had a songwriters circle about hour into the video. We never played together and was offered a gig!!!


A big thank you to everybody at Kulaks for last night. The audience was great! 


Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday I'm at

It's live on the net. Tune in!!!




I'm playing a Sheriff in an upcoming video for a song I wrote with Frank Rogala called "You  Can Run". It's in post production and should be ready for a fall release date.

It's going to be great!!!

 Here's the banned Kulaks show




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