Karmic Wheel Of Sound

Karmic Wheel of Sound

Steve originated playing the guitar and piano at the same time. Karmic Wheel of Sound is a improvisational New Age band that is like no one else. Live composition

Karmic Wheel of Sound is an improvisational New Age jam band that is composed of one person, Steve Bannon. Steve originated playing the guitar and piano at the same time. He has performed extensively throughout New England and Southern California and is currently available for shows on the West Coast.

Steve developed his unique music style after a hand injury necessitated learning to play instruments other than the guitar. Having played since the sixth grade, he entered the Berklee College of Music and turned his misfortune into a blessing when he discovered the beauty and sound of the piano. He played and wrote music for the piano, then overcame his previous disability by mastering the guitar again. He credits the college’s curriculum studies of composition, arranging, theory, and harmony for his successful training as a student of music. “Once I studied harmony, I found music to be the love of my life…deep and rewarding”, Steve said.

Energized by overcoming his challenges, Steve grew passionate about the combination of sounds created when he played the guitar and piano at the same time. He vigorously experimented with mixing the sounds until he achieved his own musical signature. Still, he felt that something was missing, so he added bass pedals and created the unique blend that his audiences have grown to love. Steve’s performances include live compositions that have been improvised on the spot. Audience members are often surprised when they learn that his CD’s are collections of those improvisations! Fans regularly comment that watching Steve perform validates his musical skill and love of the music he plays for them.

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